Herpes in the eyes is another example of HSV-1 or Herpes Type 1. It is also known as Ocular herpes, it is very common and recurrent in the same area. ...

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Herpes in Eyes

herpes on hands

Herpes Virus can also be spread over the hands and it has a medical name Herpetic Whitlow. It is also called Digital Herpes Simplex, Finger herpes,...

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Herpes on Hands

facial herpes

Herpes on the face can also be termed as Facial Herpes. It is spread by physical contact with a infected person or someone who has previously infect...

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Herpes on Face

tongue herpes

Tongue herpes can be caused by herpes simplex viruses. Actually it is a sub-category of mouth infection that can occur inside the mouth or on the lip...

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Tongue Herpes

herpes on lips

\ If the blisters or cold sores occur on the lip surface then it is known as Lip Herpes which is a type of Oral Herpes or Type – 2 Herpes. A m...

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Herpes on Lips


Oral Herpes Signs Symptoms Treatment. Oral herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, characterized by an eruption of small and usuall...

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Mouth Herpes


Second type of Herpes that is caused by private parts is known as Genital Herpes or HSV -2 or Herpes Type 2. People infected with genital herpes...

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HSV -2

oral herpes

Herpes Type 1 includes the areas other than private parts. It is caused by Oral Sex or being contact with the infected person. In this case, the blis...

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HSV – 1

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