Facts About Herpes – Can Monolaurin Cure Herpes ?


If you or someone of your loved ones is suffering from herpes, you can easily understand the pain, embarrassment and occurrence of frequent outbreaks associated with this virus. Herpes is an incurable sexually transmitted disease which can affect any person regardless of age and gender.

Herpes is highly contagious virus and any sexually active person get infected with virus through direct and indirect contacts with an infected person. Well, this is true that herpes is incurable, but the best course of treatment is learning to successfully manage its symptoms.  Managing the condition is the best option instead of leaving it untreated. Click here to know more about how to deal with herpes.

If you are a herpes sufferer, there is a good news for you that you can easily manage its symptoms without dealing with harsh chemicals or antivirals. The ultimate goal for controlling the herpes infection is to find a therapy or supplement that can manage the symptoms and outbreaks easily. Luckily, you have number of herbal remedies and dietary supplements that can control the virus easily without giving any side effects. Monolaurin for herpes is one such treatment that can manage the herpes symptoms effectively.

Monolaurin for Herpes

coconut oil for herpes

Monolaurin is an antiviral supplement that is made up of nontoxic glycerin and lauric acid. The best thing is that it is a natural treatment which cannot give you any kind of side effects. It is used to all strains of herpes virus as well as other viral infections such as measles. Monolaurin is naturally found in breast milk or in coconut oil otherwise rare in nature. If you want to know more about coconut oil for herpes, click here. It is a lauric acid that can boost your immune system and also offer many health benefits.

If you are going to buy this product, let me tell you that monolaurin acid for herpes treatment is currently sold and available in the brand name of lauricidin. You can get this product online or in food stores, health stores and drug stores.


How Does Monolaurin for Herpes Works

It is found that monolaurin acid is effective in treating herpes symptoms by liquefying the fats and phospholipids found inside the viral protein cells walls. The monolaurin acids essentially disintegrate the herpes virus within its own cells wall.

Lauricidin is the only monolaurin supplement that has been clinically tested and does not contain fillers like those sold in capsule form. Monolaruin acid for herpes is an ideal treatment as it destroys the herpes virus before it replicates and also its outbreaks in an effective manner. The best part of monolaurin acid for herpes is that it is said to be an immune booster which strengthens your immunity and helps your body to fight off infections and virus.


How to Use Monolaurin for Herpes

There are no hard and fast rules for taking monolaurin supplement herpes treatment. You can easily take this supplement orally and for getting maximum benefits you should take its dosage regularly. Over-the-counter monolaurin supplement for herpes treatment is also available in the form of pill and should be taken with water on a regular dosing schedule.

Dosage of this supplement is recommended only by the physicians. Well, it is recommended that dosage of monolaurin herpes treatment should be started with small dosages in order to monitor your progress by your physician and then decide other alternate option if needed.

Many herpes sufferer have the same question- is monolaurin acid safe for herpes treatment? So, let me tell you that yes, it is completely safe and there are no side effects associated with this supplement. This is very effective method for managing your annoying herpes symptoms. I can understand that living with herpes is a confronting situation but it is better to manage its symptoms before they will damage your life. Improve your overall health with the help of monolaurin herpes treatment and live a happy life even with herpes.

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