Due to HSV , an infection named Herpes Gladiatorum can take place into our body, it is a type of skin infection in which rashes occur on our body. Ectodermal layer of the skin get infected with the help of this virus and the initial repliacation occur at the entry site in the skin or mucous membrane. This infection is the primary stage of HSV type 1 virus. Among the infected people, only 10% of them will develop the sores as well. These sores are visible within 2-20 days after exposure but they do not last long more than 10 days.

The primary infection completely healed by leaving no scars on the body the the virus remains for very long. That’s why the recurrences of rashes takes place usually.

Herpes viruses spread on legs

Causes of herpes in legs

Worst condition of leg herpes

Symptoms of Herpes

Early stage of herpes on legs

With the effect of this virus, rashes on legs also appear since the virus comes in the contact of damaged skin and reproduce the viruses. As a result, blisters are formed on the skin due to destruction of infected cells.


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