Herpes – Can We Bring This Buzzword to an End ?

herpes simplex

Herpes, the name defines its awkwardness. For nowadays this disease is like a hot potato. This is the most annoying condition but the uncanny thing is people are still affecting with this virus. Well, we are going to discuss not only about herpes but also how anyone can deal with this condition. Yeah, I know this is a very common topic to discuss because almost everyone knows about it. But tell me one thing if this is a very common thing, why people are still getting this virus? No answer right? This is simply because the information that you have is not enough to be aware about this condition. By this article you are not only going to gain complete knowledge about this disease but also how to cure its symptoms?


What Do Stats Say About Herpes?

We all know that herpes is a disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus. But do you know that this is the same virus which causes chickenpox, shingles, genital herpes and oral herpes? These conditions are caused by different viruses which belong to the same virus family. According to studies the most common conditions in United States and South Africa are oral and genital herpes. Almost 70-80 percent people of both the countries are suffering from these conditions. These are highly contagious diseases but they can pass through different ways. In oral herpes the virus can pass through personal contact with an infected person like sharing razor, towel etc.


In genital herpes you can only get this virus through sexual activities. In this condition you can experience outbreaks in which you may get blisters on your genitals (in genital herpes) and in or around your mouth (in oral herpes). The worst part of this disease is this is an incurable condition. Whether you use anything you just can’t get rid of this condition ever. But now you can control your outbreaks and all thanks to natural treatment options. Yes by some natural herpes remedies you can get some relief from your pain which is caused by herpes. There is one remedy which can cure herpes’s symptoms and that is lysine. Yes, lysine for herpes this is most effective treatment which can cure this condition very effectively. This is a less known remedy and there are few people who are aware about this condition.

lysine for herpes

Lysine for herpes

There are almost 300 different amino acids existing in nature, but only 20 have the ability to give healthy benefits. Lysine is one of them which have essential amino acid which human and animal need.  It is also found in some foods such as beans, cheese, yogurt, meat and milk. There are two amino acids which can reduce the severity of herpes and that two acids are arginine and lysine. The herpes virus is strand of DNA which is surrounded by a protein shell. Lysine and arginine attract with one another so that they can bind. When they do then they create a new protein that destroys the protective shell. This stops the growth of this virus. There are so many supplements which contains lysine you can take that supplement to cure herpes’s outbreaks. If you don’t want to take supplements, you can take diet which contains lysine. You have to eat that food which contains highest amount of lysine and lowest amount of arginine. If you are not able to do that, take a help from your doctor to make a diet chart according to this requirement.

So, tell me what you think-is lysine for herpes is a good treatment option? See this is the easiest way to deal with this condition and that too at your home. If you take medicines, the chances of getting side effects are quite high. So, using lysine for herpes is the perfect way to avoid those side-effects. See if you want to live long and healthy life, natural treatment is the best treatment option. Lysine is the not only effective but also affordable.  Now you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on your anti-herpes medicines because lysine for herpes cure is the superlative idea to cure herpes symptoms. If you know anyone who is suffering from herpes, tell that person to use lysine for herpes cure.


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